Apr 25 2018

Blog Take Over Presents: Adopt, Don’t Shop – Humane Animal Treatment Society (H.A.T.S.) by Meghan McDermott

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Adopt, Don’t Shop Most of us are familiar with national statistics about animal shelters. The numbers aren’t kind. They are serious. They are real. And without your help, they are going to get worse. But as a society, what are we doing to change the numbers? Are we adopting? Are we educating? Are we making a

Apr 18 2018

A Guide to Food Challenges in Central Michigan

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Small town, BIG portions Let’s see if you have what it takes to call yourself one of Central Michigan’s hungriest humans. As your taste buds jump for joy, your stomach will cry for mercy! Central Michigan’s variety of food challenges are as delicious as they are daunting, and sure to test even the most voracious of