Jul 31 2013

International Traditions in the Center of Michigan

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Love Locks is a growing historical tradition where two lovers will write or engrave their names on a padlock, often on their wedding day, and affix it to a tree, fence or bridge to preserve their love. The legend of these Love Locks varies throughout the world, but they all contain one common element; if two

Dec 26 2012

Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum Opens

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The Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum is set to open it's doors to kids and families December 28th.     The Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum is dedicated to establishing a fun, unique, hands-on, and educational experience for children ages 0-12 and families in Isabella, Clare, Gratiot, Midland, Mecosta, Montcalm counties and beyond.      The Museum is located

May 11 2012

Wompapalooza turns up the music in Central Michigan

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The Wompapalooza festival is doing a sound check to get ready for this weekend.    Not sure what Wompapalooza is? It is a variety of electronic dance music. Check out, Daft Punk, Skrillex, or Deadmau5, Or a local spinner, DJ Wahdaye.     For it’s second year Wompapalooza is now currently run under the Detroit based production