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NativeFest at Ziibiwing Cultural Center 


The Ziibiwing Cultural Center presents a 4-day celebration of American Indian Culture with Car Bingo, Music/Comedy Night and a Collection Showing.
Bingo started on the Isabella Reservation in the 1960’s. It was a way to take and remind the community of their humble beginnings in the gaming industry. Car Bingo was started by the Tomah Club as a fundraising effort and now is a successful and certainly unique way of community involvement.

The game is played with a “runner,” who originally had to shout out the number and letter combinations by cupping their hands around their mouths. The runners are still used to check on the Bingo cards of the players. Winning normally consists of yelling, “Bingo!” but here the idea is to honk like crazy! Now days, some participants have started choosing different vehicles, such as golf carts and boats. Tents, tables and chairs are available for those who want to enjoy the game outdoors, but who might not have a boat available for the night. There are also refreshments available for purchase, with proceeds going to the Tribe’s efforts to support revitalization of language in the community.

Photo Courtesy of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe

As part of the Collection Showing, the Tribe showcases a rare, 13 Star Peace Flag gifted to the Anishinabek of the Great Lakes. It was kept in the Gopher family for over 200 years. It represents an era when the 13 colonies were seeking independence.

In addition to bingo there will be inflatable bouncers for kids, face painting, balloon animals and caricatures. Truly an event for everyone!

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