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Snow Snake Zip Line Tours

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3407 E Mannsiding Rd
Harrison, MI 48625
(989) 539-6583
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Michigan’s best zip line tour consists of 10 unique and exciting zip lines that go through thick forested canopies.
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Michigan’s best zip line tour consists of 10 unique and exciting zip lines that go through thick forested canopies and soar over deep valleys at speeds reaching 20-30 mph. Each Snow Snake Zip Line tour will typically last 60 to 90 minutes with easy hiking between zip lines. The longest zip cable is over 800 feet long and the highest is 70 feet above the ground. The entire tour is over 4,000 feet! Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see some pictures from the zip line tour.

Whether it is your first time zip lining or you have done it before, we will be there every step of the way to teach you how to zip safely (If you would like more information on safety, refer to Snow Snake Zip Line Safety). Zip line with us and you will see the world in a fun, educational and thrilling way you never have before.

As you explore and walk between each zip, enjoy incredible views from above as guides point out interesting highlights of the trail and be there to answer any questions you may have (If you have questions now, head over to our Zip Line FAQ). If you bring a great attitude and willingness to have an awesome zip adventure, we’ll do the rest to show you one of the best outdoor activities in MI.

Reservations are required to guarantee your spot. Our zip line rates and hours are can be found at the Snow Snake Michigan Zip Line Rates and Hours page. Yes, we offer discounted zip line rates for groups of eight or more. Call 989.539.6583 to find out more.


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