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20130508-_MG_8863-EditThe thriving microbrewery business has been spreading rapidly across Michigan for years and Mt. Pleasant is quickly becoming a top destination in the state for craft beer connoisseurs. Michigan and Mt. Pleasant specifically provide a great environment for growing hops and producing delicious craft beers.

How it works:
In order for hops to grow and mature properly, they require long day lengths to flower and produce suitable cone yields. Hops also have specific chilling requirements, which involve winter temperatures below 40 degrees for 1 to 2 months. After chilling, hops ideally require spring moisture followed by significant periods of summer sun and heat to ensure full growth and development. This makes central Michigan and our winter, spring, and summer seasons the ideal environment for producing hops that make amazing craft beers! Currently Michigan is in need of more hops farmers, but Michigan State University recently began growing barely in Isabella County, which is used in many local craft beers.

So what’s so special about Mt. Pleasant breweries?
Mt. Pleasant boasts a rich history of locally owned and operated businesses that create a special experience for visitors. With unique, locally owned restaurants and breweries you can’t find anywhere else, the area provides ample opportunity to explore new fermentations, delicious food, and an ambiance that draws young and old. You’ll never have the same experience in any other city!

Ready to try our brews?
Mt. Pleasant is home to 4 breweries currently and is growing rapidly with a potential riverside brewery at Buckley’s Mountainside Canoe opening following their renovations on the Animal Planet series “Restoration Wild”. Seventy styles of beer are crafted locally using the freshest ingredients and best of all, you can travel to and from any of our breweries in under 15 minutes.

If a craft beer experience in Mt. Pleasant leaves you wanting more, the community also hosts the Mt. Pleasant Craft Beer Festival in June. The festival features beer and cider from up to 27 Michigan craft breweries. There’s also the option of expanding your knowledge by taking classes on fermentation science at Central Michigan University, which is now ranked second in the top brewing schools in North America.

In Mt. Pleasant, craft beer is our specialty, so be sure to visit us for your next beercation!



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4855 East Blue Grass Road
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With a wide variety of food and drink options, Hunter's Ale House is bound to have something for everyone.
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Hunter's Ale House

4855 East Blue Grass Road
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone: (989) 779-2626
With a wide variety of food and drink options, Hunter's Ale House is bound to have something for everyone. More

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