Top 5 #ILoveMtP Instagram Photo Contest Posts

July 18th, 2018

We love summer time in Mt. Pleasant! To celebrate, every summer we host an #ILoveMtP Instagram photo contest. The contest encourages participants to show off summer fun photos taken in the Mt. Pleasant area. This year we had a variety of posts shared with us! Here are the top five posts from the contest:

5. Soaring Eagle Casino‘s Fourth of July fireworks is a sight you MUST see!

4. Splish-splash! The Spray Park at Island Park in Downtown Mt. Pleasant is a summertime hot spot for families!

3. The photo speaks to us… and it says: “Go get yourself some Doozie’s!”

2. Sisters are the best! So is Chasing Fireflies Boutique in Downtown Mt. Pleasant!

1. Downtown Mt. Pleasant is full of photo opportunities!

Thank you to all our participants and voters in the 2018 #ILoveMtP Instagram contest. Mark your calendars: our annual #FeelsLikeFall contest will kick off this fall!

Looking for fun summer events and activities? Check out our 100 Days of Summer blog, where you will find something to do, EVERY DAY, now until September!


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